We are a family-owned and operated bison ranch in central Wisconsin. We raise 100% grass-fed pasture-raised bison. From humble beginnings, we built our first fence in the summer of 2018 and welcomed our first 10 bred heifers in December 2018. Today, we have a herd of 47 with 15-18 calves on the way this spring. Our two herds are raised on 40 acres of beautiful green grass. During the winter, we feed hay.

We offer our meat for sale at our home ranch, farmers markets, online and at some specialty meat markets in our local area.

Stop by our ranch, we would love to show you around!

Meet The Team


Rob Holcomb

Title: Chief Entrepreneur


Tanya Holcomb

Title: Administration, Finance, Procurement, and Operations

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Tyler Holcomb

Title: Operations, Herd Manager 


Lauren Holcomb

Title: Sales and Marketing